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Human Resources


In today’s business setting the challenges and demands of employees and the time you spend on human resource administration are not just an afterthought or a luxury, but it’s time you can’t get back. It is extremely difficult for a business owner to keep up with all the regulations, such as ADA, FMLA, HIPAA, ADEA, EEOC, FLSA, and employee lawsuits. Not only is HR compliance a fundamental part of every business, but it has become essential to the bottom line.

Human Resources

EOSG will become your “One Source” for HR support. You will immediately have access to EOSG’s HR team of professionals for your HR compliance needs. By providing human resource practices and procedures that are well planned and suited to your business needs, you will be able to devote your resources toward revenue-producing activities.

A few of the services EOSG provides are as follows:

  • Assigned HR professional
  • New hire orientation and processing, reporting, and employment forms
  • Assistance with employment, termination and disciplinary procedures
  • Administration of drug testing and background screening
  • Complaint handling and resolution, including sexual harassment investigations.
  • Assistance with EEOC claims and complaints
  • Drug testing and background screening
  • Employment and income verifications
  • Handbook covering core, regulatory compliance issues
  • Policies and procedures manual development
  • Federal and State Labor Posters
  • Guidance with federal and state compliance, including ADA, FLSA & FMLA
  • Maintenance of personnel records, applications, I-9s, W-4s, and storage
  • Unemployment benefit claims management
  • Toll-free Employee Relations support (Business hours)
  • Recruitment process management

For more information on EOSG services, contact us or call 800.927.EOSG for a free consultation.


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